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Let these dope individuals talk to you today! From truth-speaking podcasts to candid conversations on IG, it’s the gospel being delivered in candid conversation, for us!

  1. (Podcast) Good Words With Kirk Franklin
    On this episode of gospel mega-producer Kirk Franklin’s podcast he has an open and transparent conversation with Chance the Rapper. Through Kirk’s playful banter with the mainstream rapper, the vibe feels more like two friends engaging in open and transparent conversation rather than just a podcast interview. Chance shared with Kirk how he’s navigated from rapping about drugs to incorporating God in his music.

Dope Soundbite: “My relationship with Jesus is deeper than race…I feel like when Jesus comes and gives you a heart of flesh, it’s not really too many things that can come in between that.” – Chance the Rapper

2. (IGTV) Jackie Hill Perry
In this candid car video, Jackie Hill Perry delivers a WHOLE WORD while sitting outside of

Screenshot courtesy of Instagram

her daughter’s school. In this recording of a spontaneous IG Live video, she discusses her notion of the “heterosexual gospel,” as well as tackling why she believes the current narrative of “deliverance” is a bit problematic.

Dope Soundbite: “You wonder why people come to Christ and get discouraged and leave. Because you told them that being a Christian was easy. You told them that being a Christian meant that they would not struggle anymore. Or it implies that if I come to Christ and still have temptations, I must not be in Christ at all.” – Jackie Hill Perry

3. (IGTV) Anthony O’Neal
Evidently, the best conversations happen after the regularly scheduled program. After

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wrapping up a podcast episode with TK Coleman, Anthony shared a snippet on IGTV of their discussion about whether or not a man has to make six-figures to be considered “high value.”

Dope Soundbite: “That’s the problem with brothers today. We associate success with money. ‘I’ll get a good woman if I make good money.’ And that’s not the case. I think if you’re a good man, a solid man, a God-fearing man who can provide, who can protect, who can be the priest of his home, you would get a solid woman.” – Anthony O’Neal

4. (YouTube) A.R. & Jamaal Bernard | Christian Cultural Center

Screenshot courtesy of YouTube

This video, entitled “Lord I Believe, Help My Unbelief,” is a conversational message between Pastors A.R. & Jamaal Bernard, from Christian Cultural Center. This continuation of their series on prayer focuses on Mark 9:14​-29 NLT and explains how faith and prayer work together.

Dope Soundbite: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The word “substance” is the Greek word, homeostasis, which means the ‘support’ of the things hoped for. So, now it brings in, can your faith support what you’re asking for?” –Pastor A.R. Bernard

5. (IGTV) Stephanie Ike

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Stephanie Ike shared a quick inspirational daily devotional on IGTV that was inspired by Galatians 6:9, which encourages us not to grow weary from doing good. Just like this scripture, Stephanie reminds us to never give up and to keep going because we will reap our reward in due season.

Dope Soundbite: “Whenever you’re doing good, it’s connected to your identity. So not giving up on the work, is not giving up on yourself and that, in itself, is a reward.” – Stephanie Ike

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