Friday, May 7, 2021
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Pastor Steven Furtick: “The Challenge of Faith is Not to be More Certain, But to Stay ’Surprisable’ ”

On Sunday, Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church preached a thought-provoking sermon called “Surprise.” Furtick believes that it is important that the body of Christ...

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Encourages People About the Fire of God

(Image: Screengrab) Sunday Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts preached a message called “Wet Wood Still Burns,” where she reminded believers that God will burn whatever...

Top FIVE Dope FINDS: #TALKTuesday

Let these dope individuals talk to you today! From truth-speaking podcasts to candid conversations on IG, it's the gospel being delivered in candid conversation,...

Fix Your Crown, Love!

I get it. We are not living in a society that cares anything about your self-esteem, let alone your confidence. We’re living in a...

Pastor Michael Todd Challenges People to Honor Relationships and Purpose Over Finances

(Image: Screengrab) Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church began a new sermon series on February 28, 2021, called “Paper Chaser.” He is challenging listeners to...

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