The 400 Mawozo Haitian Gang released three missionary hostages, while another twelve remain captive. It all began during mid-October when Mawozo kidnapped a group of seventeen after visiting an orphanage.

The Gang is a violent group that has been responsible for eighty percent of abductions in Haiti from June through September, according to Gédéon Jean, director of the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights in Port-au-Prince.

The group has also taken control of roads and communities in and around the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.

The leader of 400 Mawozo threatened to kill those held hostage unless a $1 million ransom was given for each person. There were twelve adults and five children included.

Last Sunday, the Christian Aid Ministries announced in a statement that people were released in Haiti. The group said that the three released are, “safe and seem to be in good spirits.”

We are thankful to God that three more hostages were released last night,” stated CAM, an Anabaptist missions organization based in Berlin, Ohio.

CAM also requested that the people of Haiti pray and fast for those still being held hostage.

“As we work through the kidnapping of our workers, we are aware that numerous kidnappings—mostly of Haitian people—continue to take place in Haiti,” the group stated. “[M]illions of Haitians face huge challenges, encounter danger, and struggle to provide for themselves. Pray for our Haitian friends.”

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