Melissa Montana is a radio personality, motivational speaker, businesswoman, and the president and CEO of the Star Educational Media Network. She discussed her journey with Pastor A.R. Bernard on ARB TV.

Montanna, who’s been featured in Today’s Christian Woman, and who has won multiple awards, came from humble beginnings growing up poor in Anabel, Missouri. The entrepreneur expressed her thankfulness for her start because it taught her gratitude.

“Sometimes we look back and regret where we are, we wish we had been somewhere else or wish we started easier, and I’m glad that it was difficult, I’m glad for the challenge because I feel like I appreciate things more,” she stated.

When Montana was eight years old, she was in a serious car accident four days before Christmas that could have killed her. It was that incident that led her to the realization that God had a plan for her life.

“I knew even then that God spared my life for a greater purpose which I had no idea, but I knew even then that God had something for my life.”

Having an interest in music, she pursued a music degree. But after college, she returned home to support her parents. A love interest from school found her, and the two eventually wed. The couple traveled for his career, and then someone offered Christian radio to Montana.

A gentleman who led worship at her church worked at a radio station. He invited her to join the radio show that was hosted. “When I went to visit that station I was so excited when I went in, I thought, ‘I can be the receptionist here, this would be so cool,’” she recalled.

Montana recounted how during her conversation with the worship leader he shared, “We got our male voices, we’re looking for a female voice that can speak, that can sing, [and] speak in churches.”

Unbeknownst to Montana, he was referring to her. She offered to help find someone but soon realized that she was the person who could fulfill the role.

The CEO believes she’s succeeded in the radio business because, “I love people and I love God, so I believe [in] the love God, love people thing because that works in this world. If you love God and people, the doors will fly open for you.”

Montana also shared how she learned about how much of a provider God was after experiencing separation from her husband, who was unfaithful. He was her main source of financial support and was expected to pay the rent at her home. Unable to afford the property, she asked her mother for advice, and her mom recommended that she sell items.

“I went to a place that would buy my jewelry and it wasn’t a lot, it was just enough, it was exactly the amount I needed to pay my next month’s rent, and God provided.”

Later she felt a call to adopt. She admitted that she didn’t have the money, and needed thousands of dollars. As before, God provided what she needed. “I was able to bring this beautiful baby girl from Guatemala. The joy of my life. And God provided the means.”

To learn more about Melissa Montanna, check out the full interview on ARB TV.

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