Holly Furtick, Co-pastor and the First Lady of Elevation Church located in Charlotte, NC, recently preached “You Were Not Meant to Do This Alone,” a message reminding believers that we are not designed to live life by ourselves.

Furtick began her sermon by explaining the root of loneliness. She stated that as humans we try to “fit in.” We try to fit in at school, at our jobs, and in our marriages. This can become overwhelming, trying to manage people’s expectations. Eventually, we accept isolation over relationships because we don’t want to risk letting other people in anymore.

However, Furtick’s belief is that “some of us are placing expectations and burdens on people that we were supposed to be giving to God first.” This is why we find ourselves in disappointment; because we expect others to fulfill voids, tasks, and obligations that only God can do.

She reminded listeners of this truth: “You were not created to muscle through life alone. You were meant to have a meaningful connection with others. However, your connection to others can only be as stable as your connection to Christ.” She further noted that Moses had Arron, Paul had Silas, David had Jonathan, and Jesus had the 12 Disciples.

Furtick does not deny the sometimes God requires separation for us.

“He has to pull you into a period of solitude to help you realize that He is your true source,” she stated. For example, Moses prayed to God for 40 days to receive revelation for the 10 commandments and Jesus was secluded in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

As an example of someone who felt lonely in the Bible, Furtick pointed to Peter who denied Jesus Christ three times. He was afraid that he would be crucified for being a follower of Jesus, so he sat at the fire in the courtyard of the high priest.

However, because of his connection with the other disciples, he did not remain in a state of loneliness; he was surrounded by people who cared for him. This observation led to an important point Furtick raised about loneliness and relationships.

“In order for you to feel like people are there for you in your dark season, you have to spend time developing your relationship with them before that.”

To listen to the full message of “You Were Not Meant to Do This Alone,” check it out on YouTube.

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