Christian comedian and actor Vernard “Bone” Hampton, 49, was hospitalized last week after suffering from congestive heart failure that has caused his kidneys to shut down. He’s best known for being featured on ABC’s The View, Less Than Perfect, and NBC’s My Name is Earl.

A GoFundMePage has been set to help raise funds to cover different costs he and his family may incur.

“Now, he is experiencing the fight of his life, and he needs our financial support,”  the description on the page explains. “Because of the pandemic, opportunities to work in the entertainment industry disappeared. But during the summer of 2021, doors began to open, and life on the road seemed to be returning to normalcy. Unfortunately, another unexpected setback has beset him. He is experiencing congestive heart failure, as massive amounts of fluid are surrounding his lungs and heart, causing his kidneys to shut down. The result? A lengthy hospital stay and an even lengthier recovery and rehabilitation, which are yet to come.”

When Hampton isn’t making people laugh with his jokes, he’s busy being a father to his son. “He has devoted countless hours to honing his craft while inspiring and teaching young comics to do the same. By traveling to city after city, Bone has made a living, providing for himself and his son,” the fundraising website also noted.

Before stardom, the comedian was a football player at the University of North Texas, but his career was launched in the entertainment industry when he visited a Dallas-area comedy club with college friends where he connected with Oscar award-winning actor, Jamie Fox. Bone entered a contest for the best impression of Foxx’s notorious character Wanda from the iconic show In Living Color.

Shortly after, he started performing at local clubs, a popular one was The Steve Harvey Comedy House. Eventually, Bone caught the attention of Harvey who would go on to become his mentor.

Bone decided to move to Los Angeles, California to pursue a full-time comedy career and in 2005, the Urban Gospel Alliance named him “Comedian of the Year.” His mission was, “I just want to have a good time.”

The GoFundMe campaign mentioned how faith is helping his family and friends get through this difficult time.

“His family and friends are confident in God’s healing power, and we look forward to the day when Bone is restored to full health.”

While his loved ones hold on to their faith in God’s healing power, they also realize they need additional resources.

“But he needs more than just our prayers and well wishes,” the GoFundMe page states. “His doctors have already informed and even ordered him to remain off the stage indefinitely, pending significant improvement in his heart and kidney function. This will be a long journey back to health, but we can help ease the worry and anxiety that result from the inability to work and provide.”

Close friends and fans have been showing love to Bone on social media. The Real co-host Lonnie Love wrote, “Our comedy brother Bone Hampton is in the hospital and in bad shape.. please say a prayer and if you can donate anything to help him with his medical bills hit the link in my bio.”

Comedian Chanda Pierce also shared different ways that people can donate on Facebook.

“My dear friends, please keep praying for my dear friend Bone Hampton. If you would rather not use GoFundMe you can Venmo – I posted his brothers acct here. Or drop a check in the mail for Bone to me and I will see that he gets every dime:400 Warioto Way Ashley City, TN 37015. Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated.”

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