Are you thinking about making it an in-home movie night, but do not know what to watch? No need to worry. We at ARB TV have you covered with these ten faith-based films you can watch on Netflix:

1. Freshman Year

Freshman Year depicts the life of a preacher’s son, who leaves his overprotective home to begin higher education at university. There, he meets a self-reliant student who tests his faith and religion.

2. Change in the Air

A community is changed when a mysterious new young woman moves into the community. As the town embraces her, their lives begin to change for the better. Still, they notice that there is something strange about their name—she is carrying a secret.

3. Greater

Greater is based on the true story of Brandon Bulsworth, an athlete who is considered to be one of the greatest American football players in history. The story shows how Brandon beat the odds to receive a full-ride football scholarship at the University of Arkansas.

4. The Young Messiah

The film navigates the life of Jesus at the age of seven as he and his family depart from Egypt to return home to Nazareth. The story is told from his childhood perspective.

5. The Healer

The Healer tells the story of a handyman who hits rock bottom and decides to move in
with his distant uncle. His uncle insists that his ability to fix things is beyond his repair shop; it’s predicated on his relationship with God.

6. Good Sam

A mysterious good samaritan leaves $100,000 cash on a random doorstep in New York City. The New York City news reporter Kate Bradley sets out to discover the true identity and motive of “Good Sam.”

7. Wise Man

Wise Man is a biographical drama based on the life of Frank Shankwitz who created the “Make A Wish Foundation.” The story begins when Frank is just 11 years old and his parents get divorced. His mother takes him away against a court order in an attempt to hide him from his father.

8. Walk. Ride. Rodeo

Walk. Ride. Rodeo is based on the incredible true story of nationally ranked barrel racer Amberly Synder who barely survives an automobile accident. With the support of her family the 19 year-old fights to earn back her place in the sport she loves.

9. Full Count

A young baseball player has a serious curveball when he has to abandon his college baseball career aspirations to deal with a tragedy that puts his fate and family in jeopardy.

10. An Interview With God

An up-and-coming journalist finds his world and faith increasingly challenged when he’s granted the interview of a lifetime – with someone who claims to be God.

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