Touré Roberts, the lead pastor of ONE: A Potter’s House Church has been preaching a sermon series called, “Modern Church.” In his newest message, he posed a question: “Are you a follower, a fan, or a disciple?”

Roberts started by sharing how he desires to equip his members and not merely inspire them. “I don’t want to be of inspiration, and not equipping you [believers of Christ] for the times and seasons we’re undeniably in,” he said.

The Los Angeles preacher noted how many leaders are motivating people, but they are not giving them wise direction on how to live. That is why society, especially the church, has seen many believers flock to leaders as fans and followers rather than disciples.

However, Roberts believes that a disciple is someone who grows in the disciplines of their teacher. “Your disciplines will shape your life, and will shape who you are in life,” he noted.

He also stated that when we are in a stage of discipleship we will begin to look like Jesus.

“Disciples or believers are sons positionally, but need to be disciples pragmatically [because] sons are the true spiritual offspring of Jesus.”

Unfortunately, some believers operate with a limited understanding of the truth of Jesus. Roberts suggests that this occurs when people are not constantly provided with discipleship.

“If all you think that you’ve got when you got Jesus was forgiveness of your sins, all you believe is that you’ll just be forgiven of your sins. If all you got was that you’re not going to hell, you will only live in the comfort of knowing that you’re not going to hell.”

The pastor concluded by underscoring how discipleship is a process that is revealed through surrender, endurance, commitment, and a love for the Kingdom and Jesus.

To watch the full sermon of “Modern Church” check it out on YouTube.

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