Kevin Quinn, known for his role as Xander in Disney Channel’s Bunk’d and the Netflix musical A Week Away, released new music that shares messages of inspiration. His latest single is “Wildfire.”

“Wildfire” encourages listeners to keep hope burning, despite the challenges of the world. “What a blessing that I even get to make music about Jesus according to God’s plan, that’s awesome,” Quinn said in a recent interview.

The former child star stated that the music video is a reflection of his experiences.

“If you saw on the music video, we experience, in the beginning, myself dealing with something traumatic or stressful, distressing, and I drop my phone,” he shared. “The reason why we started with that was because we wanted the wildfire metaphor to build throughout the video in the same way that it builds throughout the song.”

“When you’re going through the darkest of times, or when the worst thing could possibly happen, it’s that wildfire in your heart that gets you through it until the end, that you can find peace and respite and resolution. I think that was just a metaphor for the song in its entirety,” he added.

The singer also explained the connection between his hope and his trust in God.

“I think the reason why I still even have hope is because I have trust. I trust my relationship with God, and I trust Him,” says Quinn. “A relationship doesn’t work without trust and respect, right? So that alone, my trust is in the greater well-being and the greater good. The greater plan is enough for me to continue hoping.”

Wildfire has received great feedback. On social media, one follower commented, “Love the song and the music video is FIRE 🔥.” Another fan wrote, ‘lifting up God? I think YES!! streaming now:)”

You can watch the official “Wildfire” video below.

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