A new documentary called The Jesus music is expected to be released on October 1, tracking the roots of contemporary Christian music (CCC) and the impact that it has had on believers. The film stars CCM legends like Kirk Franklin, Amy Grant, and Lauren Daigle to name a few. It’s directed by the Erwin Brothers, known for films like I Can Only Imagine, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story, and I Still Believe.

“There was so much great music going on, everything felt so fresh and new,” Grant says in the film’s trailer.

“The universal power of music from these artists shine through from their messages of passion, sacrifice, and redemption that inspire millions of devoted listeners,” reads the film’s synopsis.

“The richness of hope that can land on someone’s spirit via rhyme and melody and sound, I don’t understand it,”  Daigle added.

The Erwin Brothers further noted that “the film also gives viewers a glimpse into some of the battles that took place behind the scenes that help propel the genre.”

Music transformed artists’ technique and style, helping them realize that it’s the most powerful technique to help them change their lives. “It became part of the fabric of who I was,” Franklin explained.

Grant also serves as an executive producer on the Lionsgate film. To watch the exclusive trailer check it out here.

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