Three-time Grammy nominee and gospel singer, Danny Gokey released a new song called, “He Believes In You.” The new track will appear on his new studio album Jesus People, which is set to be released on August 20th.

The video for the song was filmed in the Dominican Republic, and in it, Gokey sings words of encouragement to listeners by letting them know that God is always there and believes in them.

“When the waves and the wind push harder/When you feel like you can’t get through/He is there with you in the water/And He believes in you/When you’re lost and you’re broken-hearted/When your shame is an open wound/He is holding you at your darkest/And He believes in you/The One who took the cross for you/He believes in you,” read the lyrics to this powerfully uplifting song.

“He Believes in You” is set to be one of many inspirational songs Gokey will release through his new project. He recently spoke about the creation process of Jesus People and how it is sure to include a song for all listeners. “I believe there is something musically and inspirationally for everyone on this album – it’s full of hope and encouragement that I think we can all use right now,” he shared.

The album also features notable artists like Koryn Hawthorne (“We All Need Jesus”), a Latin song featuring Christine D’Clario (“Cristo Es Necesario”), a collaboration with Angie Rose (“Do For Love”), and the album’s flagship song, “Stand In Faith,”

Fans have been raving about the album on social media. One listener wrote, “I’ve experienced the loss of my family over the last little bit and your music has helped me so much especially ‘tell your heart to beat again’ Can’t wait for this!!” Another fan said, “I LOVE YOUR MUSIC SO MUCH DANNY GOKEY! YOU’RE [sic] MUSIC HELPS ME SO MUCH AND IS SO GOOD!😁😇🤍🙏🏻🙌🏻✝️”

The songwriter also mentioned that the album’s title was inspired by the life of Jesus.

“He was a figure that brought the broken, the hurting, and those that had lost their dreams together in a unifying way, and that’s something I am inspired to do,” Gokey said. “Musically, I got to explore some new things and cross some genre borders. I’m excited for listeners to hear the collaborations with the special guests featured on the project, including Gospel, Latin, and even a little rap. It’s something I love doing and hope to do more of in the future.”

Jesus People is available for pre-order here.

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