Gospel singer and actress Latice Crawford released a new EP, The Cure, a motivational project that delivers melodic and soulful messages to listeners.

The Cure is a six-track confessional, discussing her testimony over the last few years. The songs emphasize Crawford’s love life, relationships, and religion. Songs featured on the EP include tracks like “Your Fault,” “Something, Something,” and “Amazing.”

Crawford spoke about the inspiration behind the EP.

“This new music I’m releasing is all about our common symptoms (our temptations, struggles, stumbling blocks on our journey, those pills we use to maintain or fill our voids),” Crawford said in a statement obtained by ARB TV News. “My hope is that my music will simply help us identify our stuff, see that we all have the same issues, and that we all use a variation of the same resources. I hope that we can judge less, and come together to see, and ultimately find our common source, the cure, Jesus Christ.”

Fans were introduced to the Stellar Award-nominated singer when she auditioned for BET’s Sunday Best, finishing in third place. The three-octave, contralto’s debut album Latice Crawford made it on two Billboard charts, and the Top Gospel Albums chart. Her second album, “Diary of a Church Girl” also made it on the Top Gospel Albums chart.

When Crawford isn’t singing, she writes for Essence and the Huffington Post, discussing topics ranging from mental wellness, parenting, race relations, to self-care.

The singer took to Instagram to thank God for the blessing of having a new EP.

“Who would have known that a track sent to me by @bigmike2987 5 years ago would help to inspire the start of my journey to “The Cure”  or that the happenings of the next few years after would help me put pad to paper to write the remaining songs on the project?  I had to go through it all first for it to mean what it does now,” she wrote. “His plans are perfect. He knows. He is amazing ❤️.”

The Cure is available now on all major digital retail and streaming platforms.


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