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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently announced that he will launch a program called “The G-Unit Business Lab” to help Houston high schoolers. The initiative will cater to three high schools in the area: Kashmere High School, Phillis Wheatley High School, and Wharton Dual Language Academy.

The program is designed for underprivileged students in the community who wish to learn and gain experience in entrepreneurship. Students will learn the business skills to become successful entrepreneurs as well as use groundbreaking innovation.

Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, spoke about the new program at a press conference.

“Students in the lab will engage in MBA level lessons that represent the full life cycle of a product or concept from ideal creation to market branding to running company,” he explained.

The philanthropist and rapper moved from New York City to Houston and wanted to give back to his new community. “Over the last 20 years, I’ve been focusing on academic enrichment projects and making donations to other existing organizations that can execute it,” Curtis revealed.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, many businesses and organizations have shut down. Jackson is hopeful that the new initiative will benefit the community in light of the shutdowns. “These programs, I think, will really help and be exciting to get everyone back involved,” he stated.

The rapper was born and raised in the Southside of Jamaica, Queens, and is not unfamiliar with the “streets.” Al Kashani, Vice President of The Horizon Gap, who’s also a partner for the program, mentioned how genuine Jackson was when they first met.

“Not everybody does what 50 does. He’s really sincere. He told me, ‘Al, I want to give back to the community. I know where I came from and I don’t forget where I came from,” Kashani shared. “That really sat well in my heart.”

Jackson can empathize with children and adolescents living in instability because he that was his reality.  “The kids that won’t listen to nobody, will listen to me, we come out of the same kinda confusion. This program is just gonna show them how to win,” he wrote on Instagram.

Turner also believes that the program is important for the future of the community.

“As we sprint to create more opportunities and start-up of technology and innovation, we also want to create additional opportunities for young people who will be the entrepreneurs, the scientists, the engineers, and business leaders of the future,” he stated.

Jackson has been receiving positive feedback for his new venture. Film director, Deon Taylor commented, “Now this dope !!! (sic) This how you build the community🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

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