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Minister, life coach, and Youtuber Nate Jameson hosted a discussion on his Youtube page about his journey of practicing celibacy.

Jameson, who’s been practicing celibacy for two years, gave honor to his fiance, Tamia, for helping him to remain focused on his journey. He revealed that she was very adamant that they would not have sex until marriage.

“What’s helped me to sustain my state of mind in that relationship and us being married is understanding we weren’t having sex,” he revealed.

His resolve to commit to celibacy started when he increased his leadership responsibilities in his church community. However, his total commitment to abstinence occurred after hearing a sermon from his pastor about soul ties.

“I need to change my actions, so I can change my life,” Jameson thought to himself.

During his discussion, the minister highlighted the benefits of celibacy. For instance, he explained how it allows one to see the person you’re in a relationship with more clearly. “[Sex] clouds your judgment, so things that you were able to see if you weren’t having sex [with someone], it [becomes] hard for you to even see it,” he revealed.

Jameson believes that if you’re looking to be celibate with your partner then it’s important to have transparent conversations about your intention. “If that person wants to be with you badly enough, they will wait,” he assured his audience.

Community is also essential to practicing celibacy because they hold you accountable to the commitment. The life coach encouraged viewers to “find people in your corner that will lift you up and hold you accountable for your actions.”

He was honest in letting viewers know that being celibate is not always an easy path.

“This journey is hard because it’s not the majority doing it [practicing celibacy],” he shared. “In a world where sex is everywhere and glorified heavily, waiting until marriage is a MUST IN MY OPINION.”

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