Mother’s Day is an opportunity for people to show their appreciation to the mothers who sacrifice and commit themselves to their children. Many spiritual leaders used social media as a platform to show their gratitude to their mothers or wives.

Grammy award-winning producer Kirk Franklin shared a post about his wife Tammy Franklin.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the woman most of you rarely get to see.. both of us are nuts, her more than me, and she has made my life filled with happiness and hope. My entire home is filled with the aura of her beauty inside and out. God, thank you for this one! My silly, sexy, strong, black queen,” he wrote.

Author and pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts penned a heartfelt message to her mother and first lady of The Potter’s House, Serita Jakes.

“I truly believe the greatest gift we can give our mothers is to reflect back to them the greatest parts of who they are,” Roberts wrote. “I am filled with the essence of Serita Jakes and I reflect her with me everywhere I go. All I’ve ever done is spoken the words she’d say to me back to her. She has shown me what it means to be honest, vulnerable, powerful, hilarious, classy, and kind. She’s shown me what God can do with pieces.”

Roberts continued her tribute to her mother by speaking her name and letting her mother know how much she is loved.

“Today I speak her name because I believe her when she said she’s as close to me as the mention of her name even though we’re miles apart. Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….. I miss you. I love you. You’re my definition, my optimism, my hallelujah, my angel. You are my queen, my friend, my sister. I live in the span of your wings. I call it home. You are pure love embodied with sass. I love every bit of you!”

Pastor Michael Todd shouted out his wife, Natalie Todd who is now pregnant with their fourth child.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother of all my children and the definition of gracefulness, class, and compassion @mrs.natalietodd 🤎. I don’t deserve you…but I will always treasure you!. Bella, MJ, Ava & Gia are more blessed than they know to have you as their mommy.

In another post, Dr. Juanita Bynum encouraged her mother and others. “Hey! First of all, to the queen of everything, my mom, happy Mother’s Day. To all the mothers around the world, may this be a blessed day,” she posted to her Instagram.

Stellar Award Winning Gospel Artist Mike Jr. merged his Mother’s Day tribute with the cause of social justice and addressing police brutality. He shared a remix of Why We Sing called Reason Why We Scream that discusses the countless deaths caused by police brutality.  “Praying for every mother who’s had to endure the pain of a child being taken away to soon! Let’s continue to raise our voice!

Rich Wilkerson commented about his wife. “Happy Mother’s Day to my best friend. You’re more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for loving and caring for all of us. Your future is so bright @dawnchere. I ❤️ you with all of my heart. The boys and I voted and declared you worlds best mom!!!”

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