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Sarah Jakes Roberts joined the prestigious New York Times Bestselling Author list with her newest book Woman Evolve.

“A thing has happened and I am just speechless,” Jakes wrote on Instagram. “ Thank you Jesus. Thank you YOU! #nowomanleftbehind.”


During an interview with Good Morning America, the author was both shocked and grateful. “You could not have told the 13-year-old me that a moment like this would be happening,” Roberts shared.

In Women Evolve “Roberts shows how the slow seduction of our minds can knock us out of our orbit…[She helps] women in identifying the dragons that have taken them down, then encourages readers to get into a new orbit as she reminds them ‘enmity’ is a two-way street,” reads the book’s summary.

The pastor is very open about her personal life. When Roberts was just 13 years old, she became pregnant with her son. After that, she experienced challenges as a teen mom, trying to fit into the church and world.

In her book she described an epiphany she had when trying to juggle so many identities. “You don’t have to live your future defined by your past,” she realized. Despite what you go through in life, she wants her followers to know that “God wastes nothing. God’s the ultimate recycler. I’m proof.”


Becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author has also led to different challenges for Roberts. On Instagram, she wrote, “This week has brought a lot of exposure. With exposure comes the fear of messing up, saying the wrong thing, or being in your head so much that you aren’t even paying attention to what’s being said.”

Roberts may have to draw from her book as she faces these new challenges. One topic Women Evolve addresses is breaking up with fear.

“One of the things that I try to challenge people to do is talk these fears out loud…they’re like the boogeyman sometimes,” ‘Roberts said. “Let’s look at these fears so that they no longer have power over us.”

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