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Don’t get left out of the conversation! Here are a few things everybody is talking about that you might’ve missed to rid you of any symptoms of FOMO.

  1. Black Executives Are Taking a Stand
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    Dozens of black executives have taken a stand against Georgia’s newest bill which is believed to have a significantly negative impact on voters of color. Many believe this bill is in retaliation for the state turning from red to blue during the 2020 presidential election. In response, black executives have decided they are not going to remain silent and they are urging corporations not to either.


2. United Airlines Commits to Diversity in Hiring Pilots
There has been a slight uproar in response to United Airlines’ announcement of committing

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to hiring more pilots who are women and/or people of color. Many have congratulated the airline’s efforts, however, there is a small population that took this to mean they were hiring solely on the basis of race and gender and not qualifications… as if there aren’t plenty of candidates who are women, people of color AND qualified. The nerve.


3. Daunte Wright’s Aunt Reminds Us to #SayHisName

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Daunte Wright is yet another tragic story of a young black man having his life taken by a police officer’s careless actions. If you haven’t heard, an officer shot Daunte Wright during a traffic stop with the excuse that she thought she grabbed her taser and not her gun. Wright’s aunt isn’t buying it and she tells you why as she delivers a heart-wrenching speech about how loved her nephew was and his special connection to George Floyd’s family. Don’t forget to #sayhisname.

4. BodyCam Footage of Police Shooting 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

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Earlier this week, bodycam footage of 13-year-old Adam Toledo being chased and then shot by a police officer was released. Though alleged to be connected to the report of gunfire, no gun was found on the young boy at the time he was shot. In fact, the video shows that he was in the process of turning around with his hands in the air when the officer fired and killed him. Let’s continue to say #sayhisname, as well.

5. Body of Missing LSU Student Found

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of LSU student, Kori Gauthier. After her car was found mysteriously vacant and after a week of searching for her, Gauthier’s body was found in the Mississippi River. Despite the unusual circumstances, police have reported that they do not have any evidence of criminal activity or foul play.

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