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Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music, reached #1 on the Billboard Charts with their hit single, Jireh. The song features Chandler Moore and Naimo Raine, members of Maverick City Music Group respectively.

Chris Brown of Elevation Worship believes that the Maverick City Music Group is like family to them. “The times we’ve spent writing and worshipping together have been very special and felt equally important to what God was doing in both of our ministries,” Brown said.

Raine, lead singer of the worship group Maverick City, talked about the impact that Jirah had on her. “This song has honestly been a reminder for me that God is everything we’ll ever need. My prayer and hope is that everyone who listens to this is reminded of the Father’s heart toward us and that He loves to take care of us,” said Raine.

According to Billboard.com, “The song marks the first No. 1 for the Atlanta-based Maverick City Music, among its eight appearances. It’s the first Hot Gospel Songs entry for the Charlotte, N.C.-based Elevation Worship, as well as for Moore and Raine under their own names.” The record was released April 2 and collected 2.1 million U.S. during its first week according to MRS Data.

Brown enjoys working with Elevation Worship because it pleases God. “We work hard at writing the songs that bring us deeper in our faith with God. And, we come around them as creatively in the production,’ he shared.

Listen to Jirah on the Old Church Basements album

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