Christian Cultural Center reopened Easter Sunday for the first time since closing over a year ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The church held two services with only around 400 congregants allowed each time.

During the pre-COVID area, the church typically saw thousands of people every Sunday. However, because of the high COVID rates, Bernard wanted to be mindful of the number of people entering the building.

“We wanted to do what is best for our congregation and when you have a smaller church it is easier to come back. But for us, where you have tens of thousands of members, we have to go through a process,” he explained to ny1.

Members also had to reserve seats ahead of time and face coverings were required with temperature checks taken at the door. In between the services, the facility was sanitized by a cleaning crew.

Congregants were excited to be back in the place of worship. ‘Mentally I needed to be out and come together with the congregation, with people. You know it is nice to watch online but it is much better coming out here and seeing the people that you missed all this time,” said Dalis Ottey.

Rose Wilford believes, “you feel the spirit a little more. I mean you can get the spirit anywhere but for me being in the house is like being in the community. Pastor always says we grow in community so we are in a community of people, you feel support, you feel other people going on the same path. That is what it is about.”

CCC plans to host in-person services once a month moving forward. Bernard says that the circumstances will be reevaluated in June to see if in-person services can happen.

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