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Author, pastor, and CEO, Bernadette Mills interviewed faith advocate and global speaker Dr. Cindy Trimm last week during the graduation ceremony for a four week-series called Game Changers, hosted by High Impact. The session focused on women regaining their personal power, leadership, mental health, self-care, and entrepreneurship.

High Impact is a nonprofit organization designed to equip, empower, and expose families, students, and the community to opportunities and resources, through proven methods, to accomplish their goals. Given the organization’s objectives, it is no surprise that Mills, the leader of High Impact, decided to use Trimm’s book The 40 Day Soul Fast: Your Journey to Authentic Living as encouragement for the women during the session.

The session acknowledged how the culture of leadership is shifting. In positions that were once dominated by men, they are now being led by women. Most recently, for example, Kamala Harris became the first female Vice-President of the United States of America.

“We’re not trying to be like males, but we have something unique that we bring to the table,” Trimm shared with Mills. Trimm further noted that although times have changed, “many women have been uninvited from the table based on her body and not her brilliance, and based on her beauty and not on her brain.”

The former Bermuda Senator has never allowed how others view her to determine how she values herself. “I’ve always taken myself seriously. I’ve always valued the power of decision making,” she stated. “If you’re not invited around the table, build one and invite yourself.”

The Push author has appeared on a variety of media platforms, she has worked with politicians, and met with the Queen of England. She believes she has accomplished these great feats because she remains secure in her identity. She states that “if you want to be somebody great, get to know yourself.”

“[Growing up in poverty] I understood that there was going to be no one to come to rescue me,” she recalled. “It gave me the ability to press and the pressure that I needed to reach on the inside to maximize the potential that I had to be great.”

Oddly enough, Trimm revealed that it was her quirk of sucking her thumb until she was 10 years old that led to her epiphany. She told the graduating class that the Holy Spirit revealed to her that there was self-empowerment in her sucking her thumb. In other words, she realized that her thumb-sucking was her method of tapping into her resources she had to address her needs.

“It was the first act of me connecting to the resource that I had on the inside of me. It was the first act that demonstrated that I knew that I was enough and that I had everything that I needed on the inside of me to succeed such humble beginnings.”

Mills often shares the story of meeting Trimm over fifteen years ago at a conference in South Carolina. At the event, Mills recalls Trimm speaking a prophetic word over her life that would be pivotal for her ministry. Since then, Mills has looked to Trimm as her mentor.

“It was my humble honor to have global thought leader, Dr. Cindy Trimm, my mentor to avail herself to speak for the High Impact Game Changers graduation,” she shared with ARB TV.

Mills, who is also the Executive Pastor of Through The Word Church in New Castle, Delaware, has been a guest speaker and host on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), co-founded Tailormade Marriages with her husband, and is passionate about encouraging all women.

Trimm has helped motivate Mills by reminding her of the impact her work has on women. “You’re helping them to soar; you are helping them to see their originality, and you are helping them to gain results from a place of identity.”

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