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Just in case you missed some recent godly gems being dropped while scrolling on the ‘gram, we’re sharing a few cliff notes and dope quotes from a few of our favorite folks today!

  1. (IGTV) Trusting God When It Doesn’t Make Sense by Pastor Steven Furtick
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    Cliff Note: Sometimes we try to depend too much on our own logic, which leads to frustration when we can’t make sense of a situation. In this clip from Pastor Furtick’s most recent sermon, he reminds us to lean not on our own understanding.
    Dope Quote: “This journey doesn’t start with making sense. This journey starts with faith.”


2. (YouTube) Let Yourself Go by Sarah Jakes Roberts

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Cliff Note: This message by Pastor Sarah is a reminder that we have to not only guard our hearts but guard our spirits. She challenges us to consider whether or not we have allowed a specific emotion to linger within us so long that it becomes a spirit. We now carry the anger, carry the jealousy, carry the lust and now it has hold on us.
Dope Quote: “Your spirit can shift so quickly that you don’t even realize that it’s become a stumbling block.”

3. (IGTV) This is Prophecy by Pastor Touré Roberts

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Cliff Note: There has been protection during this pandemic. Talked about his conversation with his 18 year old son, who opened up to him about being frustrated with the pandemic. “Your season has been contained.” In the midst of the pain, there was also protection. We were kept from certain things that we didn’t even realize. In the midst of this trying time, God was creating space for us to connect with Him better. Deuteronomy 8, God told the children of Israel that he sent them to the wilderness to humble them and create a hunger for Him.
Dope Quote: “The greatest miracle is the sustaining during difficult seasons.”

4. (IGTV) I grew up hearing that I can be holy if I just “stop sinning” by Jackie Hill Perry
Cliff Note: During this brief IG live session, Jackie talks about how having this merit-based

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checklist of what it is to be holy can actually lead to a sort of disconnect in your process of building a relationship with God.
Dope Quote: “If we’re obeying purely on the basis of duty, I think we end up frustrated, we end up tired, we end up bitter because our faith isn’t anchored in the beauty of God but rather in trying to earn some moral standing with God apart from Jesus.”

5. (IG Reel) Lil Nas X? by Tauren Wells

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Cliff Note: No cliff notes needed. This was a whole Word delivered in 15 seconds. Consider this food for thought.
Dope Quote: “I know the Lil Nas X thing is crazy but at least it’s obvious. I would be more concerned with the subtle ways that we have allowed the enemy to sabotage and undermine the potential of the next generation.”

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