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Don’t get left out of the conversation! Here are a few things everybody is talking about that you might’ve missed to rid you of any symptoms of FOMO.

  1. Derrick Jackson Fails to Take Own Advice
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    Relationship expert and international sensation, Derrick Jackson, recently shared a video on Instagram of him issuing an apology for letting his supporters down due to his infidelity. With his wife by his side (and a strong grip on her hand), he took accountability for his actions, while also insinuating that people should’ve never put him on a moral pedestal in the first place.

  2. Motion Denied: Derek Chauvin
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    On March 20, 2021, the motion to delay or move the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former officer charged with the murder of George Floyd, was denied. This was after Chauvin’s defense team argued that it would be unfair to hold a local trial due to the publicity of the case.



3.Issa Rae is Secure!

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Issa Rae just secured an eight-figure, five-year deal with WarnerMedia through her media label, Hoorae. The 36-year-old actress and executive producer is most known for her hit HBO show, Insecure. Issa says that she is thrilled to “produce culturally resonant stories with new voices that incite exciting conversations.”

4.Georgia State Rep Speaks Out About Arrest

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Park Cannon, Georgia State Representative and black woman, was arrested on Thursday for continuously knocking on the door of Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, as he signed a bill Cannon believed would fuel the flame of voter suppression. Since her release, she has taken to Twitter to speak out on being arrested for “fighting voter suppression.”

5. For Your Streaming Pleasure: Genius: Aretha

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National Geographic’s newest season of its show Genius is all about the late “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin. The series details the life of Ms. Franklin and her heavy roots in the church as a pastor’s daughter. Not only do you see the flaws of her father, the traumas of her childhood, and the toxicity of church culture, but you also see the makings of a legend. Cynthia Erivo, the talented actress most notably known for her role as the lead in the movie, Harriet, does a phenomenal job portraying this iconic diva.

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