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Just in case you missed some recent godly gems being dropped while scrolling on the ‘Gram, we’re sharing a few cliff notes and dope quotes from a few different folks today!

  1. (IGTV) “What Are You Pouring Into” by Pastor Keion Henderson
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    Cliff Note: Pastor Keion uses a water bottle and its cap to illustrate the reason for many people’s struggle – pouring into people who don’t have the capacity to contain it nor reciprocate.
    Dope Quote: “What you need is somebody who will say, ‘I don’t have as much as you have but I can hold as much as you can hold. And if you give me some time and let my cup fill up, when it’s my time to pour back into you I’ll make sure you’re overflowing.’”

2. (IGTV) “Higher! It Keeps Happening” by Kierra Sheard

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Cliff Note: Gospel artist, Kierra Sheard, jumped on her IG Live to remind us of the power living inside of us. She delivers a word while referencing Isaiah 40:31, as she points out the Bible’s comparison of believers to eagles in this scripture about renewed strength.
Dope Quote: “God will give you peace while you’re in the waiting season… Your strength is being renewed while you’re in the waiting room.”

3. (IGTV) “Permission Granted” by Pastor Sara Cowan Conner

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Cliff Note: Pastor Sara delivers a word in to encourage us and assure us that God has already granted us permission to do the things He has placed on our hearts. We’re not waiting on Him (or the “perfect time”), He’s actually waiting on us. He’s waiting on us to trust Him enough to start the process and trust that He will meet us where we lack.
Dope Quote: “God was saying, ‘I’ve already granted you permission’ and if you would start the process, then he would bring you the people and the finances or the products or the resources or the information or the wisdom or the connections that are necessary to carry and execute that in a proper fashion.”

4. (IGTV) About Your Gift” by Steve Harvey

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Cliff Note: Steve shares the story of finally finding his passion and then going after it full throttle. It’s truly an inspiring story of walking by faith and walking in purpose. He speaks about living in your gift and finding peace through doing what God has created you to do.
Dope Quote: “You can’t do normal things and expect extraordinary results. It doesn’t work that way.”


5. (IGTV) “Prepare” by Pastor Will Grandberry

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Cliff Note: Sometimes it feels like we can’t see God moving in our situation and we don’t see what we feel He’s promised us coming to fruition. This message challenges us to consider whether or not it could be attributed to our lack of preparation for what God has for us.
Dope Quote: “Your level of preparation is going to determine God’s level of performance for your life. Sometimes we want a lot of things but if you’re not prepared for it, you’re not going to be able to sustain it.”

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