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On April 6, 2021, Sarah Jakes Roberts will release her newest book, Woman Evolve.

In the book, “Sarah Jakes Roberts shows how the slow seduction of our minds can knock us out of our orbit…[She helps] women in identifying the dragons that have taken them down, then encourages readers to get into a new orbit as she reminds them ‘enmity’ is a two-way street.”

Roberts often finds inspiration in the story of Eve. In her popular sermon, “Girl Get Up, for instance, she centers it on Eve. Therefore, it is no surprise that when penning her new book, she once again calls upon Eve to inspire other women. “As the first woman, Eve was also the first woman who had to deal with the mistakes of her past, ” reads the book summary.

The co-pastor of The Potter’s House One LA has been very transparent about the challenges she has had to overcome in her life. Starting with her first book in 2014, Lost & Found, she discussed becoming pregnant at 13 and being “shunned both at school and church.” She revealed, “how the God she had given up on turned her pain into His perfection, setting her life on a new course.”

Since then, her life has evolved greatly. She married Toure Roberts who co-pastors with her, and she founded Women Evolve, a media platform whose purpose is to “to awaken, identify, and release the unique offering of the woman.” Women Evolve understands that “now, more than ever, women are shattering glass ceilings that once limited their ability to dream, grow, and change the world.”

Now, with her new book, she is excited to share what God has given her.

“I have poured so much of what God has shared with me over the last few years into this book” Roberts shared in an Instagram post announcing her book release. “I am beyond excited to officially announce that Woman Evolve the book is coming out April 6, 2021!”

Roberts’ announcement has received positive feedback.

Brelyn Bowen, wife of Grammy Nominated Singer Tim Bowen commented, “Do it SARAHHHHHH!! 👏👏😍”

Bible teacher and author Priscilla Shierer wrote, “Go sis Go! ”

“The confidence exudes in the new book! Can’t wait to read it” another follower wrote.

Roberts has been surprised by the support she’s received.  “[It] is bananas to me that you all see that much in this movement and that you care and desire so much about the anointing and grace God has placed over my life,” said Robert’s.

In her podcast, Women Evolve, she further stated,  “I feel joyful for your incredible response.”

Roberts also started a launch team for the book to promote it. Her publisher shared that the book has over 3,000 supporters.

Last Tuesday night, Roberts surprised her followers with a special announcement for those who pre-ordered the book.

“If you preordered your book you can get the first two chapters and a few other goodies at womanevolvebook.com! 😱❤️. Just enter in your order number and start revolutionizing your works today.”

Author and Business Startup Strategist Christian Mills is a part of the launch team. In 2019 she was featured on the show “What I Now Know,” which appears on Evolve TV, a channel founded by Roberts.

Mills posted to her Instagram story, “Guess who gets to read this ahead of time a part of @sarahjakesroberts launch team? I started the first chapter this morning and you *need* this book in your life.”

Actor, producer, and CEO of the Eartha Watch Company, Emir Horton is a member of The Potter’s House One LA, and he showed his support for Roberts on Instagram as well.

“Decided that I wanted to join this unofficial challenge to support my pastor @sarahjakesroberts” he stated on his Instagram story. “Pre-ordering 3 copies for the first 3 ladies who plug their username in the box below.”

Pre-order Woman Evolve here.

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