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  1. What or Who Informs Your Values Series title by Pastors A.R. Bernard and Jamaal Bernard
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    Pastors A.R. and Jamaal Bernard are delivering a very relevant and timely series that is not only titled but asks the question of: what or who informs your values? Check out part one of the series as they dig deep into the notion of culture wars and the hot topics creating tension between the church and the culture. Cliff Notes: The Culture Wars are the tension between what’s influencing the culture, such as traditional and conservative values vs progressive and liberal values. These are essentially two different ways of thinking. (Romans 12:2 – You’ll be transformed by the renewing of your mind.) The war is less about the various issues. It is actually about WHO or WHAT determines my values and morality.Dope Quotes: “But now people want to protect the culture from the church…Why? Because the church brings a moral value consensus.”

  2. Paper Chasers series by Pastor Michael Todd (Transformation Church)
    Pastor Michael Todd recently kicked off the sermon series, “Paper Chasers,” which is

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    inspired by the book, The Blessed Life by Robert Morris. However, do not let the series title fool you, this is not a series to pressure you into tithing more or one that promises you prosperity. Here’s a cliff note and dope quote from part one of the series: Cliff Notes: The Raven (unclean bird) Revelation: God will provide even if you feel like the least qualified. Luke 12:24 – Look at the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to Him. Job 38:41-Who provides food for the ravens…Dope Quotes: “God is not concerned with possessions. He is concerned with priority.”

  3. Is It Fruitful by Stephanie Ike (The Potter’s House at OneLA x Denver)
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    This word is for people who feel like they’re in a place where their life looks amazing on the outside but on the inside, you feel “barren” you feel like your better days are behind you and you feel a bit disconnected from God. Cliff Notes: We must be cognizant of when we abandon the position of relationship and find ourselves in the place of religion. Relationship reveals an ongoing partnership with the voice of God, while religion reveals partnership with a system. In chapter two of the book of Revelation, the people of Ephesus were doing great things but they had abandoned their first love and Jesus said, “Go back to your first works.”Dope Quote: “When God gives you a Word, He backs it up! You may feel like God has given you a Word and a task and you feel like, ‘God I don’t know anyone. I don’t have support in this. I don’t know how to carry this out.’ You have to understand that when God gives you a Word He knows how to carry it out. He has support coming your way. There are angels assigned to the Word of God and the Spirit of God to empower you.”

  4. Wet Wood Still Burns by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts
    In this sermon, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts delivers an encouraging word for those who

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    feel like they are in a “drought” and at their wits end. She reminds us that God will place people and situations in our lives, not for us to covet, but to remind us of who He is and what He can do.Cliff Notes: 1 Kings 18:32-39 – In this moment the prophet Elijah is returning back to Israel after having been away. Israel has started to drift away and they have started worshipping Baal. In the process of worshipping Baal, they have forfeited their covenant with God. Elijah is there to remind them of who they’re supposed to be – God’s chosen ones.

    Dope Quote: “I get excited when I see God blessing other people. Because it’s a reminder that he’s not going to let me drown here. My God is not mocking me. My God is not taunting me. My God is showing me that if I did it for them, I can do it for you too.”

  5. In The Building by Pastor Robert Madu (Social Dallas)
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    Pastor Robert Madu recently kicked off his “In The Building” series. This series not only focuses on the fact that our God is the ultimate builder, but is also a reminder that God has created us to be builders as well. Cliff Note: God is trying to partner with you to build something in you that will change people around you. All throughout scripture you see that God is a builder.

    Dope Quote: “Unified unbelievers will accomplish more than divided believers. That’s why the enemy wants to keep us arguing and fighting with each other and bickering about things that don’t really matter because if we’re divided we can’t do what God has called us to do as the Church.”

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